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What are STEM Ecosystems?

A STEM Learning Ecosystem encompasses schools, community settings such as after-school and summer programs, science centers and museums, and informal experiences at home and in a variety of environments that together constitute a rich array of learning opportunities for young people. A learning ecosystem harnesses the unique contributions of all these different settings in symbiosis to deliver STEM learning for all children. Designed pathways enable young people to become engaged, knowledgeable and skilled in the STEM disciplines as they progress through childhood into adolescence and early adulthood. Visit the STEM Ecosystems website for more information.

East Syracuse Minoa STEM Ecosystem

The East Syracuse Minoa (ESM) STEM Learning Ecosystem cultivates and sustains strong, supportive relationships with business, higher education and community organizations (locally, nationally, globally) that enhance student learning through innovative collaborative teaching, applied problem solving, program design and professional development. These cross-sector relationships and partnerships for learning expand our boundaries and enhance our learning environment. The key programs are the CNY STEM Scholarship Program and the Collaborative Educators Summit.