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What is STEM?

STEM education focuses on the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Learning these subjects can be done by coupling challenging academic concepts with real-world lessons that teach students problem-solving techniques.

In an increasingly technology-based world, STEM industries are growing and so are the number of jobs in related fields. That’s why CNY STEM works to provide programs, events and opportunities for students to practice their STEM skills with some of the most innovative companies in Central New York.

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CNY STEM Connection
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Virtual! - Zoom information to follow

Join us for speed interviewing, opportunities for internship and job conversations, advice and tips from recent graduates, and more. 

2021 Innovation Challenge
5:00 am - 12:00 am
Virtual - More information to follow

The CNY Innovation Challenge aims to spark ideas to develop groundbreaking products or services and to foster entrepreneurship.

Hear from our community!

What our students, educators and fellow employers are saying about STEM education.



My favorite part of the STEM Day was the panel. The panel gave a lot of helpful and inspiring information about our future and future careers.



My interest in STEM has gone up because the STEM day showed me how many opportunities STEM opens up.



My favorite part of the STEM day was the panel discussion because, rather than just hearing that STEM is a path we can take, we saw how this path can be approached and followed.


School Counselor

I’ve been to several STEM Days. The more I attend, the more I become aware of the vast opportunities for employment in STEM.


STEM Employer

As CNY’s largest employer, SUNY Upstate Medical University is committed to the communities we serve, not only to provide healthcare but to connect our community to jobs and education in the health and medical professions.


STEM Employer

As a STEM employer, we see the importance of getting students through our doors and interested in what we do at SRC to consider a future career. Having the opportunity to partner with CNY STEM to show local students the amazing things that Central New York companies are doing in our area is invaluable. Each year, we look forward to expanding the STEM education and outreach to keep more students in CNY for a challenging career.