Partners in STEM Education

The CNY Technology Sector and the CNY STEM Hub work together to develop, nurture and retain interest and education/training in STEM Careers.

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CNY Technology Sector

The CNY Technology Sector is a business-led effort engaging businesses to support an increase in the awareness of STEM careers by supporting effective programming and providing opportunities for students and teachers to learn about the needs of the technology/STEM workforce.


The CNY Tech Sector works to bring business partners and educational opportunities together to promote STEM career opportunities across Central New York. By highlighting learning experiences, internships, apprenticeships and jobs in the STEM and manufacturing fields, we will cultivate a strong workforce and keep high quality students in CNY.


The CNY STEM Hub is focused on impacting students in the classroom by implementing new teaching strategies in multi-disciplinary/inquiry-based methodologies with real-world applications.


The CNY STEM Hub will interconnect business, higher education, community organizations and PK-12 schools to design, develop and demonstrate innovative, sustainable and transferable STEM learning experiences.