Margaret Ashida STEM Leadership Service Award

Margaret was an outstanding woman who created a wave of change with her tireless efforts to create connections between business/industry and STEM educational leaders in colleges and the K-12 sector, not only here in New York State, but across America. She was a “thought leader” often creating ideas and connections between and among educators and business/industry to further the implementation of pathways for developing America’s STEM workforce. Through her advocacy, the NYS State STEM Hubs were created, pulling together New York communities in unique ways to foster the development of STEM career pathways.

The Margaret Ashida STEM Leadership Award seeks to honor persons who are making significant STEM connections within their community through their time, actions, talents and dedication. The honorees selected serve as a role model for STEM Leadership as they are striving to enhance the STEM workforce through their connections between business/industry and STEM educational leaders.


Nominations are open to the public.

Judging Criteria

Persons being nominated for this award will have consistently demonstrated qualities of STEM Leadership, creating connections between people and organizations in order to enhance STEM career paths in their community.

  • The degree to which their services/ actions have made a lasting or meaningful contribution to STEM career paths for their community
  • The extent to which their service or action might be considered above and beyond the call of duty!
  • Specific examples of the nominee’s STEM Leadership
  • The length and degree of their service(s)


A brief bio and photo of the recipients will be posted on the New York State STEM* Education Collaborative web page as well as disseminated in a press release by the NYS STEM Education Collaborative.


Four individuals will be selected by the Margaret Ashida Awards committee each year to represent and continue the “Waves of Change” set in motion by Margaret Ashida:

  • STEM Workforce
  • PreK-6 Education
  • 7-12 Education
  • Higher Education

Four individuals can be nominated and the categories are split for grades PreK-6 and 7-12.